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Sato Takeru hang out for dinner with Yu Shirota :D

Shirotan said that he’ll watch Takeru’s drama “Bitter Blood” in April

On Yu Shirota’s blog dated March 15, 2014 at 9:47pm, he said he was hanging-out with Takeru and cooked dinner. Shirota said he was busy shooting his drama and he was happy to have a delicious Italian dinner. ( ´∀`)

He said he had a various talk with Takeru, but he usually tells a complaint to Takeru everytime.
He said Takeru is always calm and gave him an advice precisely or objectively, or it is said with encouragement, or he gives an advice with love.

Shirota appreciated it.

His stomach and heart were full and so he went home early and tried to sleep. Shirota said he will have a departure for Taiwan tomorrow morning (March 16).

Shirota also said that Takeru’s drama “Bitter Blood” will begin in April, so he said it seems that he will watch it. ( ´ ∀ ’ )

Thank you for translating, Salia!

They are really good friends.

Of course Yu knows all about that rumor about Takeru’s affair and it must have been Takeru that needed some advice. But by writing this post, he wants to tell us Takeru fans that he is OK and that there’s nothing to worry, I suppose. Thank you, Shiro-tan <3

Anyway, I went to an Italian restaurant yesterday, too!  It’s Choi-happi for me LOL


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